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June 9, 2018 ( Comments )

Philanthropist Kokun has reacted to the backlash that followed his rant after President Buhari’s round table dinner with some selected entertainers and youth ambassadors including Nigeria.

Kokun who felt the government had misplaced it’s priority by more inviting people like him voiced out his rant moments after the photos went viral online.

His rants however displeased some Nigerians who asked him if he was doing his charity work to be called for a dinner party.

Defending himself, Kokun has said he never complained about not being invited, according to him, he is too busy to go wine and dine with Buhari and wouldn’t have gone if invited.

The 30 year old hunger hero who had blasted the president for dining with only musicians said his meaning was misunderstood…

“I never said they should invite me, I won’t go cos I’m too busy”
he said, directly negating his earlier statement accusing the presidency of sidelining him.

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